The Socialist Greek government is crafting and carrying out policies that appear to have come straight from the Soviet playbook in efforts to repress the conservative opposition, which came out of last October’s elections heavily wounded.  Those who oppose Greece’s immigration law, which grants citizenship to practically everyone (Al Qaeda has found a new gateway to Europe), are ending up in jail.  The policemen who arrest them are promoted.  Lately, the Socialist ministers have even taken to suppressing political activity on the internet.

Greece’s Citizens’ Protection Minister Michalis Chrysohoidis (he loves to apologize through letters to the Wall Street Journal) has talked about an unspecified (and nonexistent) “fascist threat,” in an attempt to appease left-wing extremists while simultaneously intimidating patriots and nationalists.  Even before the new immigration law was voted in by parliament, he tried hard to preempt a negative response.  “Preventive” arrests were reported on a daily basis, while the left intensified its bombing campaign, which finally claimed the life of a 15-year-old Afghan boy and severely injured his mother and sister.

After the last bloody attack, authorities tried to create a diversion by leaking false information about an extreme right-wing organization’s alleged involvement in the incident.  A popular left-wing portal reproduced the claims.  The statements were withdrawn after only a few hours, both because of their ridiculous claims and because of the reactions of police authorities, who refused to play along.  They knew that such accusations wouldn’t stop the bombing.  And, finally, the left-wing perpetrators were arrested.

Greece is now trying to create a politically correct, multicultural, secular society.  The model that has failed in Madrid, London, and Moscow is now being applied in Greece, the border between Europe and the Muslim Third World.

Ideological dogmatism has always been the religion of the Greek left, and it has already cost us a bloody civil war.  That dogmatism is about to cause even greater troubles for the rest of Europe.  The naturalization process that the Greek government initiated in its attempt to replace the voters that it is losing through its deeply unpopular policies will radically change the ethnic and social map of Greece.  Meanwhile, a surge in immigrant crime and terrorist attacks is gravely affecting the average Greek citizen’s quality of life.