British marriage is on the rocks.  No, this is not a press release from James Dobson.  Rather, it is the consensus of the entire media establishment of the U.K.  What is harming the most fundamental institution in the history of humanity—the very basis of civil society?

Is it divorce, infidelity, loss of faith, pornography, drugs, STDs, or wife-beating?  Is it the utterly absurd, let’s-pretend fantasy delusion that defies religion and nature known as “same-sex marriage”?

No: The mainstream British media (like the American, French, German, Italian, etc., media) don’t oppose, and in fact promote, those things.

The greatest threat to marriage is secession, which is to say Brexit.  Brexit is a homewrecker.

There are marriages, and there are Sacred Unions.  Americans know the distinction, having learned it in government-funded schools and from the Pledge of Allegiance.  Marriage is whenever two humanoids want their current affection for each other to be recognized officially by the state, for the purpose of tax benefits, hospital-visitation rights, streamlining the probate process, and driving evangelical pâtissières into financial ruin; it may be dissolved at will; and enjoying each other venereally is incidental.  Whereas a Sacred Union is a permanent, unbreakable contract that, should it falter after fourscore and seven years, requires you to sacrifice 650,000 lives to preserve it.

Britain’s marriage to the Sacred E.U. has now faltered at twoscore and three.

According to a plethora of news and opinion postings by British media (from the Guardian to the BBC, from the Independent to the Daily Mail) and regurgitated by America’s NPR, Brexit is destroying marriages in two ways.  First, it is bringing hitherto closeted bigotry to the fore in an offending spouse, usually the heterosexual male, or what in medieval times was termed “the husband.”  “Relate,” which bills itself as “the UK’s largest provider of relationship counselling and sex therapy,” tells the Daily Mail that “arguments over the EU vote can cause ‘deep and long-lasting rifts’ between couples if the debates ‘aren’t managed well.’”  Vote Leave is mentioned, says Relate, by all of their clients as “an issue.”  It should be noted that another widely reported corollary family-values problem caused by incorrigible secessionism is the estrangement of children—often in their 20’s—from their parents, whom they uniformly paint as racist for wanting out of the E.U. and its “refugee” obligations.

The second way that Brexit reportedly harms marriage has to do with “mixed-nationality couples.”  By losing the “free movement” provision afforded all E.U. citizens, British expats living on the Continent have certain reason to fear (the media indignantly assures) that they will be forced to return home by a justly vengeful (because faithful) E.U. member-country, and their non-British spouses will not be allowed to join them.  Why?  Because of the income threshold Britain put in place in 2012 to ensure that the foreign spouses of Brits would not be a drain on their cherished Nanny State.  As reported/opined, this constitutes class discrimination, which, when added to the xenophobia and racism of core Brexitism, is a dog’s breakfast of bigotry.

Apparently it is impossible to fathom how marriages could have even occurred among les goddems before the advent of the European Union.  And it would seem that it takes a Potemkin village (chieftain: Angela Merkel) for an English marriage to survive.

Modern Brits are free to ignore the hideously outdated notion that the marital union is sacred, unless it can be used as a moral counterweight to the even more hideously outdated idea of national sovereignty, and a cudgel with which to beat off secession.