Even More Great American Inventions

Plastic grocery bags guaranteed to spill or break.

Mass telephoning of recorded sales messages (at suppertime).

A minority group endowed with large, unprecedented privileges by law, that continues to complain of oppression by the “privileged” majority.

Advertising and government spending on welfare defined as contributions to the Gross National Product.

Professors of humanities who have no learning, no intellectual curiosity, and no interest in their subjects.

“News reporters” who can’t tell the difference between facts and feelings.

Christmas as a spending and consumption orgy.

Manufactured chewing gum (in multiple flavours).

White flight.

The cigarette, the most toxic form of tobacco use.

The pro-war bumper sticker.

Moral éclat by forcing other people into situations that one would never submit to oneself.

Presidential “debates” that are not really debates.

Libraries and bookstores filled with nonbooks.

Las Vegas.

The Easter Bunny.

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