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Does it matter whether Obama is a Muslim or not? Would it make any difference? Is there any evidence that he has any religion at all? (Of course, that can be said about most major American politicians, whose only real faith is the religion of ME.)

George W. Bush is known to many as “a good Christian man.” What Christian behaviour did he exhibit as President?

Does everyone in the world long to be an American? (Not to have what Americans have, but to be like an American?)

Wouldn’t it be much better if skilled people from the Third World did something for their own countries rather than emigrate to the West for more money? Where will they emigrate to after they help the West fall apart?

Do you look forward to the time when the U.S. is a majority nonwhite country? (Tell the truth now.)

To what extent do immigrants from bad societies bring the defects of those societies with them to their new homes?

In the 19th century the British Empire, the superpower of the time, invaded Afghanistan. What happened?

In the 20th century the Soviet Union, the greatest military power in Eurasia, invaded Afghanistan. What happened?

In the 21st century the United States, the superpower of the time, invaded Afghanistan. What . . . (never mind).

What would George Washington or Thomas Jefferson think if they looked at the American civilisation displayed on television today?

What would the men who died on the Normandy beaches, at Iwo Jima, or in the Bulge, think if they could return and see the U.S. today? How badly would they regret their sacrifice?

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