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Does it really make much difference whether Barack Hussein Obama (or anybody else) was actually born in the United States or not?

Is the conquest and permanent occupation of Iraq justified under international law and the U.S. Constitution?

Is the conquest and permanent occupation of Iraq an appropriate response to acts of Saudi Arabian terrorists operating from Afghanistan?

Does the conquest and permanent occupation of Iraq promote “the Common Defense” and “the General Welfare” of the United States?

Is Islam “a religion of peace”? What evidence may be cited for this?

Did the people murdered at Ruby Ridge and Waco deserve what they got for defying the federal government?

Does the Constitution forbid state laws against abortion and sodomy? Where does it say this?

Is the Constitution “what the Supreme Court says it is”? How did this come about?

Can you list, in order of importance, the benefits accomplished for the American people

in the 20th century by the Republican Party?

Most importantly, in case of another major terrorist attack, has adequate protection been arranged for our precious politicians?

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