It is reported that a machete-wielding Somali has attacked an Asian in a restaurant owned by an Israeli. In Ohio.

All but a few of the baker’s dozen contenders for the Republican presidential nomination advocate warlike measures against Russia, Syria, and Iran. Consequences are not discussed.

Most of them want to fight terrorism by increased military intervention Over There, without mentioning the victims of terrorism Over Here caused by their immigration policy.

The University of North Carolina has admitted that for 18 years it passed 3,100 athletes through bogus academic courses.

More than 800 administrators and teachers are implicated in the test-cheating scandal in the Atlanta public schools.

Jeb Bush is considered by many Republican regulars to be a statesman for advocating a repeat of his brother’s catastrophically failed military policies. He is even brandishing a cosmetically altered version of his brother’s educational program.

Leaders in “higher education” are zealously suppressing free speech and Western Civilization in their institutions.

Working-class white Americans are suffering an actual increase in early mortality, unlike any other group in society.

An openly avowed advocate of the archaic doctrine of Marxism is getting strong support for the Democratic presidential nomination, especially from the young.   Democrats can choose between him and a ghastly harridan, unindicted felon.

On the positive side, one candidate who has actually talked to the people rather than presenting them with manipulative gimmicks, is doing very well.