American college students never cease to unpleasantly surprise us (hat tip to Mark Brennan).  Dan Jordan of the Media Research Center circulated a petition on George Washington University’s campus, asking students to sign in support of fourth (yes, you read it right, fourth!) trimester abortions.

Jordan explained to the students that “If you don’t know what fourth trimester is, it’s after the baby is already born,” and that women should have a “right to chose” what to do with their “bodies and babies after their pregnancies”.  He managed to get 14 students to sign his petition, a number that would’ve been at least double had it been circulated during the regular academic year.

Now, one is tempted to dismiss the students’ support for fourth trimester abortions as evidence of the imbecility and ignorance of American college kids.  But that is missing the point.  There’s nothing funny about the anti-life stance of today’s young people. Their support for child-killing shows how entrenched the culture of death is in our society.  One could imagine these same kids growing up into adults that leave numerous aborted children in their wake.  After all, it’s all about a “woman’s right to choose”, isn’t?  

It’s very easy to picture these same college kids wheeling out their frail grandparents and parents to a Dr. Kevorkian, so they could get their paws on their inheritance sooner and don’t have to visit Grandpa in the nursing home.