The Swamp is indignant, pretending to be outraged that Donald Trump wanted Ukrainian President Zelensky to continue an investigation of the dubious Ukrainian-related activities of Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. The whole kabuki theater production is ridiculous, of course, as we know that the Democrats sought Ukrainian help in digging up dirt on Trump prior to the 2016 election, something the White House is naturally interested in finding out more about. Nevertheless, the Deep State is intent on impeaching Trump and removing him from office, as his election upset the plans and expectations of Swamp creatures, who resent actual voters having too much say in such matters. 

With his presidency on the line, does Trump deserve the support of all us deplorables who voted for him? Team Trump’s latest betrayal of the Orange Man’s supporters (The Donald’s Mar-a-Lago Club called off an ACT for America event featuring columnist Michelle Malkin following complaints from the Trump-hating SPLC and CAIR) makes that a legitimate question. That’s not to mention the continuous efforts of tech totalitarians to de-platform the president’s supporters, who can’t count on the one-time “god emperor” of internet memes to defend them. And on Thursday night, Leftist thugs attacked people who attended a Trump rally in Minneapolis. Physical assaults on Trump supporters have become a regular feature of “resistance” activities, with nary a peep from the man himself.

We could go on. The disappointments have been numerous, beginning with Trump’s failure to hire anyone who actually voted for him to help “drain the Swamp.” What’s more, Trump is– how shall I put this?– easily distracted. He has not acted with any sense of urgency in what he himself has rightfully called a national emergency.

So does Trump deserve our support as the Swamp creatures circle him like sharks closing in on a kill?

Deserving has nothing to do with it.

With the heat on, and the 2020 election ahead, Trump is responding by finally taking immigration control more seriously.  The administration has, for instance, reduced the admissions cap for refugees to 18,000, down from 110,000 two years ago, and is taking steps to reduce legal immigration by targeting “chain migration,” something immigration patriots have long called for.

Trump will hold a rally in Dallas on October 17th.  I plan on being there.

[Image by Michael Vadon (CC BY-SA 2.0)]