Russian traditionalist conservative writer and publicist Elena Chudinova recently gave a lengthy interview to Srdja Trifkovic and was the subject of my article in the latest issue of this magazine. Her recent article, “Eurovision’s Blue Beard” describes the current atmosphere in Europe with the author’s characteristic verve and bluntness.

Chudinova’s friend, a religious Christian mother of five who lives in Normandy was on a commuter train with her two youngest children. Two men sat down across from her and started “kissing, hugging, whispering sweet nothings, and fondling each other’s privates”. The outraged mother scooped up her kids and hurried into a different train car.

What did the other passengers do? Did they reprimand the charming couple? Or did they at least murmur agreement with her decision? Nope. The other passengers showered the young mother with appalled looks. And someone even yelled “Fascist!” in her wake.

The passengers’ reaction is truly the most shocking part of the whole nauseating episode. Provincial Frenchmen, long famous for their parochial traditionalism are now not only accepting, but protective of public deviance. How far did the Eldest Daughter of the Church fall that its suburban trains resemble a gay bar.

But as Chudinova points out, this is all old news. The new trend in Europe takes it one step further with bearded transvestite Thomas Neuwirth’s Eurovision victory:

That creature won not because it is a homosexual, but because it is a transvestite. Being a homosexual is not enough for show biz triumph anymore. No, that infernal being, talented in its own way, picked up on a new tendency.

The understanding of gender is so deeply tied up with our psyche, that even deviants subconsciously orientate around it. As the [Russian] saying goes, they want to look like normal people. That is why [in a gay couple], one man depilates and emphasizes his effeminacy and [in a lesbian couple], one woman wears manly boots and shaves her head. [Gender is] a seemingly undefeatable instinct. But is it really undefeatable? After all, everything is trampled on the path to Sodom and Gomorrah.

The difference between today’s Russia and today’s Europe is very simple, writes Chudinova:

The sleazy ugliness that reigns over Russia is not yet protected by its laws and     institutions. In Western Europe, on the other hand, the law took the side of deviants. That is the whole difference. We are five decades behind on the way to the abyss, and falling behind is not always a bad thing.

At the same time, she talks about the recent events in Georgia, an arguably more traditionalist country than Russia. A law forbidding the “discrimination” of homosexuals was passed there on May 16 over the overwhelming protests of the national Georgian Orthodox Church and “96% of all Georgians” who took to the streets in their thousands.

But it is the will of the traitorous, globalist, “pro-West” elites that triumphed. Yes, the young families and the priests marched up and down Tbilisi, but the Georgian parliament unanimously (yes, you read it right, unanimously!) passed the wretched law in not one, but all four readings.

“Revolutionaries are always in the minority and that does not prevent them from winning. It is time we remembered that”, writes Chudinova. It is time indeed, but will that time ever come?