With the upcoming Easter in mind, I could not help but to share a Twitter observation reposted by Scott Richert:

“Advertisers now call an Easter ham a “holiday ham”. You know, so as not to offend all those celebrating Passover with a ham”

Funny? Of course. Sad? Even more so. As someone who actually observes Passover (which I prefer to call by its original name of Pesach) fairly strictly – even the vodka in my freezer is kosher for Passover – I have a few observations about the ridiculous, evil, and idiotic dechristianization campaign that has been taking place in America for the last few decades.

First, people who seriously observe Jewish holidays by and large, do not object to Christmas and Easter having a prominent, public place in American society. I have never met an Orthodox Jew (Hasidic, Modern Orthodox, or non-Hasidic hareidi) who were offended, bothered, or even annoyed by public displays of Christianity. Such Modern Orthodox public figures as Dennis Prager and Michael Medved (whatever their faults) have always spoken in favor of a Christian America. The same goes for Conservative Rabbi Jacob Neusner who used to write for this magazine. Indeed, the more religiously observant a Jew is, the less he is bothered by public displays of Christianity.

Second, there were more public displays of Christianity on Easter in the former Soviet Union than in today’s America. As a child in post-Soviet Moldova, I remember how seriously Easter was taken by local people – and this was just two or three years after the fall of the militantly atheist Soviet Union. You could literally feel something different in the air on Easter. Coming to America, the only public displays of Easter I would see were colorful bunnies with egg baskets on the front lawns of suburban houses in upstate New York.

This state of affairs is well-documented by Tom Piatak in his yearly “War Against Christmas” columns for VDARE (how about a “War Against Easter” series, Tom?). The evil thought police outfits like the ADL and the SPLC, which are working night and day to destroy a Christian, European America are not the only ones at fault. The foul Foxman and the dreadful Dees would not be nearly as successful if not for the unilateral disarmament of the American Christians and their church leaders – all in the name of the false gods of ecumenism, political correctness, and tolerance. And only by strongly reasserting their Faith, without any apology or fear in the face of the cunning yet cowardly enemies, can American Christians protect their faith and their country. Happy Easter!