“Our expectation hath this day an end.” The dolorous admission of the citizens of Harfleur, that Henry V’s siege cannot be withstood, is the judgment on last Thursday’s meeting of the 1922 Committee, which consists only of backbenchers. Over the previous weekend a very strong campaign had been mounted in the Daily Telegraph stable to nerve the Tory rebels to strike. The language used by anonymous sources was violent: “May should bring a noose with her,” for the “show trial.” In the event the meeting resembled a love-in. The Tories (mainly Remainers) still see Theresa May as their last best hope and will not vote to challenge her—yet. The 48 letters needed to trigger a challenge do not show. She is probably safe till the New Year. Brexit will happen but only after grindingly difficult exchanges, miscalled “negotiations.”


[Image via britishbattles.com]