Author John Lott of “More Guns, Less Crime” fame had this to say about a personal encounter with the future POTUS during his time at the University of Chicago law school in his latest book (hat tip to Mark Brennan and David Gordon):

“I first met him in 1996, shortly after my research on concealed handgun laws and crime had come to national attention. I introduced myself, and he responded, ‘Oh, you are the gun guy.’ ‘Yes, I guess so,‘ I answered. ‘I don’t believe that people should be able to own guns,’ Obama replied. I then suggested that it might be fun to have lunch and talk about that sometime. He simply grimaced and turned away, ending the conversation.”

What Obama probably meant was: “I don’t believe that White, non-deviant, Christian men should be able to own guns”. After all, they might cling to them or religion. Or worse: use them to defend themselves against Obama’s “sons” like the gangsta martyr Trayvon Martin.

The fact that someone who denies one of the most important parts of the U.S. Constitution, yet is allowed to teach constitutional law speaks volumes about American legal education. A constitutional law professor who denies the Second Amendment is like a cardinal who denies the Nicene Creed.