Piecing the story together as best I can–I’ll insert hyperlinks tomorrow–it now appears that a Navy Seal Death Squad was sent in with orders to kill Bin Laden unless they found him entirely naked. Unarmed, he was taken into custody and executed.


The rationale, apparently, was that he might be wearing a suicide bomb.  The White House spokesman describes this as “legal,” and Attorney General Eric Holder uses the words “lawful and consistent with our values.”   Holder is absolutely right.


There, that ought to cover any moral ambiguities that might arise.

Welcome to the Jungle.  The only poetry this country deserves is:

Welcome to the jungle
We got fun ‘n’ games
We got everything you want
Honey we know the names
We are the people that can find
Whatever you may need
If you got the money honey
We got your disease


In the jungle
Welcome to the jungle
Watch it bring you to your shun n,n,n,n,,n,n,,n,n,n,,n,n,,n knees, knees
I wanna watch you bleed.

And those puritanical killjoys in the White House  still won’t show the video!