JavaScript computer programming language inventor, founder and later, CEO of Mozilla free software community Brendan Eich was forced out of his job. And what was Eich’s crime or misdemeanor? Was he caught using narcotics, possessing child porn, beating his wife, or abusing his pets? Nope, the hapless executive donated a measly thousand dollars to a political campaign in support of California’s Proposition 8, which opposed same-sex “marriage”.

The Soviet-style purge of Brendan Eich is the latest attack of what leftist political comedian Bill Maher calls the Gay Mafia. Maher, a left libertarian who combines a visceral atheism and libertinism with an admiration for Ron Paul, called out the persecutors of Eich:

“I think there is a gay mafia. I think if you cross them, you do get whacked. I really do.”

The evidence of this mafia’s power is evident in the constant howls of outrage that greet any disagreement, however mild, with homosexuality or the gay (or is it “queer”?) lifestyle. Before Brendan Eich, there was the hapless Juan Pablo Galavis – picked out of Hispanic obscurity to serve as the first Latino star of the idiotic, yet popular TV show “The Bachelor”. Galavis – a hilariously stereotypical combination of an arrogant, shallow Latino playboy (he compared impregnating his girlfriend to scoring a goal) and a dumb, clueless jock was roundly denounced and thrown off his path to fame when he posted on Twitter that gays “are more pervert [sic] in a sense”.

Before Galavis, Duck commander Phil Robertson was roundly denounced for his crude, yet theologically accurate comments on homosexuality. And seems like only yesterday – in fact it was in 1995 – that House majority leader Dick Armey referred to the openly gay congressman Barney Frank as “Barney Fag”. Armey then had to blubber out a tearful apology, claiming to have misspoken.

Sometimes the gay mafia (which is not composed solely of homosexuals, but includes quite a few heterosexual leftists) goes after entire countries. Case in point: the West’s outrage when Putin’s Russia dared to pass laws shielding children from homosexual propaganda. Western leaders refused to attend the Sochi Olympics and Western news networks never ceased to characterize Russia’s protection of its children and heritage as evil and oppressive.

In today’s America, any denunciation, nay, disapproval of homosexuality is a thought crime, punishable by social ostracism, forced apologies, loss of jobs, and unrelenting harassment. I remember having lunch with my American undergrad classmates about eight years ago and telling them that in the Russian language, there is no such word as “straight” when referring to sexual orientation (a word that only came into Russian usage in the last decade or so). Rather, in Russian, that word is “normal”. You should have seen how fast their faces paled and how they began backing away from me, while looking over their shoulders. Like another Russian Jew used to say: What a country!