A jolt, a blast, even a high like the election of Donald Trump to the highest office in the land is something to be savored while the euphoria lasts. And before the bliss fades, this would also be the time to reflect upon all the televised authorities who got everything wrong, and to reflect upon all the celebrities who are also political authorities because they twerk in public and sing songs. These types are now threatening to leave the country; and indeed the state of California is also making secessionist noises. That sounds promising!

There are differences today, and there are consequences and there are imponderables to be considered. One difference is that Hillary Clinton is finished with and in national politics. She is discredited altogether, and that is a blessing for all concerned. The man to whom she is legally married is also finished in the sense of being all washed up. This does not mean that their Global Initiative is kaput, but rather that an era has ended.

That era would have been over eight years ago if Barack Obama had not outsmarted himself by trying to use Hillary for his own purposes as Secretary of State. Then Obama erred again in his attempt to use Hillary “to save his legacy”—and now we see what that legacy is. That legacy is now undermined and will be steadily erased by the new administration. The three major players in the Democratic Party are vaporizing as we watch. And they are not alone. Much of the leadership of the Republican Party has been exposed for what it is, and much of the “conservative” nomenklatura has put itself in an embarrassing posture—William Kristol is far from alone in this.

Donald Trump will now face the contradictions of his own campaign and the challenge of governing in a situation of tough constraints. However that works out, things will never again be as they were in American politics, for the voices and faces of the Clintons and Obama—their flights of self-justifying fantasy—will no longer be tolerated as required listening and mandated viewing. This one reform of national mental health will in itself do much to improve our quality of life.


[Image credit: By Kristopher Harris from Charlotte, NC (DSC05018) [CC BY 2.0]]