The organized, violent, Mexican-flag waving mob that forced Donald Trump to cancel a rally in Chicago underscored the desperation of the globalist oligarchy as the Trump campaign advances toward the Republican presidential nomination. The mob was apparently backed by the George Soros-funded, and a mass media that has spewed propaganda casting Trump as Hitler, while portraying Trump supporters as brown shirts, helped incite the violence, which is no surprise given their justifications of mob violence in Ferguson, Missouri, and Baltimore.

Like other ham-fisted attempts to “take down” Trump, this latest outrage unmasks the real hatred and contempt the oligarchs and their foot soldiers have for the democracy they claim to value and the country they (sometimes, tenuously) profess loyalty to. What’s more, make-believe populist and Trump GOP rival Ted Cruz has unwittingly shown his true colors. Cruz used the cancellation as yet another opportunity to take a swipe at Trump, blaming him for the violence, thus aiding and abetting the real storm troopers on the streets of Chicago. He was joined by Trump nemesis Megyn Kelley of FOX News in insinuating that Trump himself was to blame for the violence in Chicago and the disruptions of his rallies by groups like “Black Lives Matter,” and “F**k the Police”.

The hysteria and mob violence, the full-scale Soviet-style propaganda campaign unleashed against Trump, and the opportunistic attacks on Trump and his supporters by the likes of Ted Cruz should clue us in on what we are witnessing. The Trump movement represents an existential threat to the globalist project, with British parliamentary minions of the oligarchy even taking time to denounce him. Trump’s line of attack on globalization is to take America-first positions on the three inter-related issues of trade, immigration, and foreign policy, the big three on which there is a consensus among the backers of globalization on the “right” and the “left.”

Slippery “Calgary Ted,” for instance, while posing as a “respectable” Trump-lite, has favored work permits and legal status for illegal aliens for years, and is closely connected to Goldman Sachs and Council on Foreign Relations backing of the creation of a “North American community” through his wife Heidi. Cruz has also backed the “free trade” ideology that has eviscerated the American industrial base. Cruz’s balking at Trump’s stated neutrality in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict should clue us in on where the Senator stands on American interests and foreign policy. So we likely won’t be seeing the kind of intense, frenzied attacks from both “liberals” and “conservatives” that we have seen unleashed on Trump directed against Cruz.

The battle lines in today’s politics are not so much between “right” and “left” or “liberal” and “conservative” as those terms have been previously understood, but between globalism and particularism, between trans-national oligarchs and those who oppose them. The popular revolt we are witnessing against the GOP establishment is a manifestation of patriotic forces fighting back against the globalizers. The Trump movement represents an historic opportunity to combat a corrosive, nation-destroying system. It is not Trump’s personality that matters, but the opportunity that his movement, whether he is conscious of it or not, represents.