In Our Interest

Another Chronicles read cover to cover, with great delight.  Srdja Trifkovic’s essay “Travel Ban, and Beyond” (The American Interest, August) was a thoughtful and excellent argument for a closer examination of immigrants and visitors to our great land.  Thank you for another excellent issue.

        —Mayor David Theiss
Ellaville, GA

Trump and the GOP

My thanks to Chilton Williamson, Jr., for his excellent article “The Meaning of Donald Trump” (View, August), in which he clearly outlines the successes of the candidate and now President in terms of his “demystification and desacralization of the tenets of advanced liberalism.”  Williamson offers insight into the reasons why we, the average citizens of this once great country, who endured Barack Hussein Obama for eight long years, are at a total loss to understand just why the so-called conservative and moderate Republicans have not fully supported President Donald J. Trump.

We watched as Obama and his minions trashed our Constitution, our economy, our way of life, and increased our national debt by some eight or nine trillion dollars.  We have watched while Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, James B. Comey, Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, Rahm Emanuel, John Kerry, and a host of others broke our laws, lied to us, and were not held accountable in our courts.

We watched as scandals too numerous to count unfolded—“Fast and Furious,” the Lois Lerner IRS attack on Tea Party-related nonprofits, Prof. Henry Louis Gates and “the police acted stupidly,” Benghazi, weapons sales to Syrian terrorists.

We watched our swamp government misuse the Justice Department and the FBI and widen the racial divide between black and white Americans, fanning the flames of division by fabricating and misstating the facts regarding the Trayvon Martin, Freddie Gray, and Michael Brown incidents and the race riots in Ferguson, Baltimore, and Dallas.  Over eight short years we also saw Black Lives Matter, Bergdahl, DACA, MS-13 gang members moving into our cities and towns, Sanctuary Cities.  And, of course, ObamaCare: You can keep your doctor, you can keep your insurance plan, and your insurance rates will go down.

We looked on while John Kerry sold us out with the Iran nuclear agreement.  And at the Clinton server scandal and her deletion of upward of 30,000 emails.  And Loretta Lynch’s Phoenix tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton, while Hillary faced no sworn testimony at the FBI and James Comey dismissively said, “No Prosecutor would bring charges on this kind of a flimsy matter.”  “Chelsea” Manning’s pardon.  General Flynn and hundreds of other citizens’ names unmasked in direct violation of our intelligence-gathering laws.

We wonder why our Republican representatives and senators did very little to oppose Obama and his radical agenda while Obama was in office.  We wonder even more why the same congressional leaders are not lifting a finger to defend President Trump or charge the lawbreakers.  Trump is our President, is he not?  Trump was duly elected, was he not?  There are 63 million reasons to support President Donald J. Trump, and I am one of them.

Trump appointed a Supreme Court justice in the mold of Antonin Scalia, as he said he would.  Justice Gorsuch is a conservative justice and a constitutional originalist.  This single decision earns President Trump the full support of our Republican Congress, not to mention conservative academia (if you can find it) and the conservative media (who are few in number).

Are Republicans so blind, so self-serving, so cavalier, so very arrogant as to believe that by destroying President Trump and not supporting his agenda they are doing what is right and good for this country?  Are these people nuts?  If President Trump does not succeed, these individuals will have themselves to blame for the America that is left to its citizens to navigate, endure, and survive.

We face many enemies who do not wish us well—North Korea, China, Iran, and Russia, who openly challenge our world leadership.  We face many other enemies, some named and some unnamed, some known and some unknown, many foreign and just as many domestic.  Will our elected leaders in Congress and our appointed leaders in academia and the news media so undermine this President that they make him unable to confront and respond to these very real threats?

When will we come together as a nation and support our President?  When will blacks and whites listen to each other with mutual respect?  When will Republicans do what is right, not what is convenient or politically correct?

We, the average citizens, are waiting to see!

        —Richard Mastio
Laramie, WY