Once again, President Reagan has spoken out about the collapse of the American educational system (and correctly so) and stated facts that will hit anyone who has an average IQ, and one that is uncontaminated by liberal orthodoxy, with a force of a brick:

Classrooms across the country are not temples of learning, teaching the lessons of goodwill, civility and wisdom important to the whole fabric of American life…. Each month, some 2-1/2 million students [are] victims of robberies and thefts and [in 1978] more than 250,000 students suffered physical attacks. In large cities… students … [are] afraid to go to school. …One psychiatrist who treats teachers said many of them suffer symptoms identical to those of World War I shell -shock victims.

And once again, a spokesman for the Democratic Party, a congressman from California, came up with an astonishing rebuke—an argument that boggles the mind through the sheer power of the insolence of a lie:

This is brought about in large part by this administration’s cuts in educational programs, including cuts in the school-lunch program, cuts in student aid and the attempt to eliminate the Department of Education.

So, let’s once again cali to mind truths as simple and self-evident as heliocentrism. The deterioration, degeneration, decay, and final failure of American education began under President Kennedy, when the manipulation of American sociocultural ethos became the exclusive franchise of the liberal wing of the Democratic Party. Consequently, a tremendous bureaucratic machine was erected, whose principles and laws were institutionalized and ruthlessly enforced by the ultra-left-liberal code-carriers, including the National Education Association and the fringe of theoretical extremism taught at the educational departments of major universities. An approach to public education has been sanctified which abolished teaching honesty, decency, interhuman obligations, respect for one’s elder or neighbor, allegiance to the legitimate order of this country, and the truthful evaluation of American democracy’s achievements. Instead, the contempt for any authority (except for that of “progressive” exemplars in pop culture), a scorn for the inherited concept of Americanism, and revolutionary instincts against any coherent set of existential and moral values that undergird any civilization have been proclaimed the best qualifications for “new” humanity.

By the end of the I960’s, the so-called socially committed young teachers openly vowed to disrupt the existing social fabric while the liberal press, especially the national magazines, touted their efforts as a noble fight for “new consciousness.” Under Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford (yes, the last two were fully and callously oblivious to and uninterested in the issue as well) anyone whose views would contrast with those of the liberal educational establishment and agenda, were brutally persecuted, or evicted from HEW, and from any influence on the policy making; in Carter’s separate Department of Education, anyone who would ask why words like “ethics,” “discipline,” “patriotism” are no longer used in the classroom, would be put on the rack of vicious ridicule and soon thereafter kicked out on the street as a fascist. By the beginning of the 1980’s, anyone without liberal blinders clearly saw that our schools have become a jungle in which people and their humanness are murdered on a daily basis by youngsters whose ”socially relevant” impulses have evolved into mental savagery. And today a Lib Democratic brazen demagogue from California tells us that it’s all because of the cuts in the school-lunch program.