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tional amendment. Within such anframework, the pubhc must choosenspending reduction or tax increases.nBoth the supply-siders and the economynshould win that one.n”Although he is surely too serious-mindednan ideologue to have planned it that way,nMr. Roberts’s book yields a description ofnthe egos, power grabs and ambitions of thenpeople involved that turns “The Supply-nSide Revolution” into a kind...


A Prudent Progressive

A PRUDENT PROGRESSIVE by Leopold TynnandnThe year of the yuppie?nIt seems so, if you read Newsweek.nEvery poHtical season and every decadencan be characterized by the emergencenof some subclass: its very coalescenceninto a social phenomenonnattracts attention. Every year belongsnto this or that mobile or active sectionnof society and the circumstance thatnthe so-called yuppies (a sobriquet asngood...