Inconceivably, yet entirely predictably, the global jihad officially arrived in Germany this summer, complete with suicide bomber, ax-swinger, and howls of “Allahu Akbar!”  Inconceivable, that the ancient Islamic war against the infidels should be spilling blood in the streets of one of the world’s most advanced and progressive countries in the 21st century; and entirely predictable, as a result of long-standing mass Muslim immigration, most especially Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open-door policy that allowed more than one million mostly male, mostly Muslim, migrants to flood unchecked into Germany last year in just four months.

What is equally inconceivable—and was equally predictable—is another menace.  On a daily basis, German women and children, in their own country, now face attacks by Muslim men from northern Africa and the Middle East.  Sometimes acting alone, more often in groups, the men harass, grope, and rape, often robbing their victims in the process.  These attacks take place during the day, in the evenings, in highly populated areas, during wine and beer festivals, at carnival celebrations, in department stores, at public swimming pools and lakes, in neighborhoods, on public transportation.  Places and events that used to be safe and relaxed, where walking alone was not dangerous, were once staples of virtually every German’s life.  The carefree Germany is no more.

This sexual violence first made the news a few days after New Year’s Eve, with the now infamous sex attacks by more than 2,000 North African and Arab men on hundreds of women in Cologne and hundreds more in other cities across Germany.  After that, Germany’s national media went virtually silent on sex attacks.  But the attacks continued.  In fact, harassment and violence are on the rise.  Gangs of Muslim men now encircle young women at music festivals and other outdoor events not just in large cities, but in picturesque towns with cobblestone streets and centuries-old church spires.

A public indoor pool in northern Germany, shocked by at least six migrant sex attacks on women in early summer, hired two security guards to protect female bathers, the British Daily Express reports.  Germany’s Federal Association of Security Enterprises notes that even playgrounds and cemeteries are now requesting security—previously unheard of in Germany.  The Federal Association of German Swimming Professionals thinks a win-win scenario is to train refugees to fill 2,500 empty lifeguard and pool-supervisor positions.  It would be “an integrative measure—to everyone’s advantage,” with migrant employees decreasing “intercultural conflicts,” says Peter Harzheim, the association’s president—apparently unperturbed by good sense or by a leaked police document detailing police chiefs’ “grave concerns” about the growing number of sex attacks by refugees at public pools, where Germans typically spend large portions of their summers.

Many Muslims harass fellow refugees in the camps—mainly homosexuals, women, and the few Christians and Yazidi, often forcing women and children into prostitution.  The current going rate is ten euros (about $12) per encounter.

Yet Germans, who will pour into the streets by the tens of thousands to celebrate a World Cup soccer victory, are largely silent in the face of these outrages.  Many, perhaps most, may not be aware of the full extent of sexual violence committed by Muslim refugees.  How can that be, in a densely populated country the size of Montana?  The reason is that denial and deception work.

While each horror is usually reported—once—in local news, the national media rarely pick up the story.  When they do, each attack, rape, or murder is generally labeled a tragischer Einzelfall—a “tragic, isolated case.”  Politicians and law enforcement, too, cover up as many migrant crimes as they can.  Cologne police, aware of the scope and nature of the New Year’s Eve attacks in their city, kept silent for days.  Before police reports were finally released, the interior minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, the German state where Cologne is located, ordered the police to strike the word rape.  Cologne’s female mayor advised women to keep “an arm’s length distance” from strangers—a solution that earned her scathing derision even from the apathetic Germans.

Mainstream media, including the state-funded ZDF television channel, were also silent.  Only days of persistent social-media posting of visual footage and eyewitness descriptions finally forced the police, politicians, and media to report on the Cologne attacks.  Even then, government and journalists continued to be purposely vague about the ethnicity of the attackers, and remained silent about the mob attacks in Stuttgart, Hamburg, and a host of smaller cities.  Still, an instant chorus of voices arose among politicians, pundits, and left-wing activists warning Germans not to let these incidents feed into alleged “right-wing hatred” of refugees.  A 26-year-old German woman who was harassed in Cologne was later verbally attacked online—by Germans—as “racist” and a “right-wing radical” for describing her attackers as looking Middle Eastern and speaking Arabic.  An entire attack video was made anonymously, stating her full name.  She even received threatening phone calls at work.

And so it continues, the daily harassment and attacks, and the daily cover-ups, whitewashing, blame-shifting, and flat-out refusal to acknowledge facts.  In July alone, there were more than a hundred “tragic, isolated” cases of migrants assaulting women and children—the youngest being nine, the oldest being a 79-year-old woman who was raped at a small-town cemetery while visiting her sister’s grave.  On July 30, a 40-something asylum-seeker sexually molested an 11-year-old boy at a supermarket in Bavaria.  The following day, four asylum seekers from Pakistan took turns raping a 17-year-old girl in the town of Wetz lar after plying her with alcohol.  These were not the only refugee sex attacks on those two days, nor was there a single day in July without at least one.

The average German can easily avoid knowing such details, as German authorities and media continue to downplay these crimes—their main concern being that Germans not think poorly of refugees or Muslims generally.  It can take painstaking effort, such as that undertaken by the Gatestone Institute, to pore over local news items and police reports from around the country to piece together a month’s worth of migrant sexual violence.

The minority of Germans who publicly protest this perversion of justice has long been branded “xenophobic” and “Nazi” by government and the media alike.  It is simply taboo to criticize refugees, Muslims, or the Merkel migrant policy.  Heiko Maas, Germany’s justice minister, has ordered Facebook in Germany to delete so-called hate speech.  In July, the police searched the homes of roughly 60 Germans for “right-wing extremist” materials on account of their Facebook comments.  While some of the 60 people were accused of having pro-Nazi discussions in a private Facebook group, others were fingered for any comment that the German government deemed “xenophobic,” “anti-Semitic,” or in any way “right-wing extremist.”  (The homes of Muslims who posted, say, the desire to exterminate Jews were not raided.)  So pervasive is this Orwellian thought policing that average Germans are scared to say anything positive about the grassroots anti-Islamization movement PEGIDA (whose members deal with frequent shutdowns of their Facebook pages), or the only political party that opposes the Merkel migrant policy, the Alternative for Germany, as both are branded by the government and media as right-wing haters and Islamophobes.

Even women raped by migrants will sometimes not identify their attackers as such.  An 18-year-old girl raped during the mass attack in Cologne refused to file an official complaint.  A young German-Turkish woman, raped by three Muslim migrants in a parking garage in the city of Mannheim, has now admitted that she lied when she initially claimed that her rapists were Germans.  Her motive?  She did not want her attack to contribute to male migrants’ being “exposed to increasing and ever-more aggressive racism,” as she put it in a long apology—to male refugees!—on her Facebook page.

Migrant crimes are often not publicized even when they are reported.  Rainer Wendt, head of Germany’s police union, has stated publicly that “every public servant knows that he has to meet certain political expectations.  Better not say anything [about migrant crime], then you can’t do anything wrong.”  Authorities in the state of Hesse suppressed information about migrant-related crimes, claiming they did so owing to a “lack of public interest,” as even a national newspaper, Die Welt, reported.

Not surprisingly, most perpetrators are never found or arrested.  The few who are receive grotesquely lenient sentences—such as probation for a 21-year-old Syrian who, with his younger brother, tricked 14-year-old special-ed girls into trusting them, and then raped them.

Meanwhile, the feckless German government has a few ideas of what will help “people from different cultural circles” behave decently in public—such as its sex-ed website in 13 languages, intended to teach migrants about “my body in words and images.”  (Those many who cannot decipher the “words” part can click a link to have the content read to them.)  The website seems to have covered every issue relevant to modern sex—from mutual consent, multiple partners, and STDs to nonchalant descriptions of how to engage in prostituted sex (legal in Germany).

Germans—who famously dismiss Americans as hopeless prudes—seem to believe that men from cultures where women have few rights to refuse sex and unveiled women are “asking for it” will take seriously the Western-style explanations that unwanted groping and penetrating are no-nos.  Even more laughable are the instructions on homosexual activity for men from countries where gay men are stoned to death; or the admonitions that sex partners must be legally of age for people from countries where child marriage is widely accepted.

In Germany, as in so many other Western countries, modern civilization seems to have reached its pinnacle: Sacrifice safety, normality, women’s and minority rights, one’s own culture, and the obvious truth, all to avoid being called intolerant; to avoid acknowledging facts that would require countermeasures; and to avoid admitting that borders need to be secured and hundreds of thousands of Muslim men returned to their home countries.

Muslim hordes raping and terrorizing infidels across Germany?  Nothing some good sex-ed can’t fix.