In the Weekend At The Movies section, the Post, that invincible bastion of D.C. journalism, reports on a movie which is:

a decadent, daring film, filthy and full of hard core porn and hard core punks….

The WP’s movie “critic’s” final evaluation:

this film is a shocker. Besides sodomy, there’s oral sex and necrophilia. It’s a film that means to abuse and insult. Still, if you can get past the adolescent anger, the S&M (really beefed-up, high-heel rock video), the brutality and the bad language, you’ll get a kick out of “Liquid Sky,” with its Big Bang theory of the cosmos.

The Gipper is in The White House and The Washington Post recommends necrophilia. Still more intriguing is the fact that the movie has been written and directed by a recent Russian emigre named Tsukerman. And we thought, naively, that once let in here, the dissidents get a kick out of freedom. As for the hip readers of the WP: we roughly know what they get their kicks out of.