Call Me Simple

Call me simple, but I just can’t understand why I have to pay the banks’ losses but I don’t get a share of their profits.

I know that the music business is very profitable, but I am still cautious about investing in CDs.

I am sorry to admit it, but I may have been wrong.  George W. Bush may not be the worst possible president after all.

Michelle Obama must be very smart.  They say she “earns” $370,000 a year.

More clues from the radio news about the way we are now: I learned the other day that President-elect Obama is “tackling the economy.”  But I thought the economy was already bruised and down?  What good will tackling it do?

What is the Obama administration going to do with those of us who just don’t want to “come together”?

If the Republicans had any flair (and any knowledge of history) they would point out that their party had the first black president.  A good case can be made that Warren G. Harding had almost as much African “heritage” as Obama.

I admit to extreme annoyance at people who voted for George Bush the first time (and even twice) because, they claim, they were fooled into thinking he was a “conservative.”  The only fooling going on was unforgivable self-delusion.  George Bush had not a single conservative in his entourage or among his friends, advisors, or mentors.  He had purged all conservatives from the Texas Republican Party and replaced them with his personal apparatchiks.  He was a notorious friend of illegal aliens and as Governor had pushed through a law giving illegals free access to state colleges.  A major plank of his platform was the federal takeover of public schools and the federal invasion of religion by grants.  He prevented Pat Buchanan from speaking at HIS convention. All of this was glaringly and painfully obvious in 2000.

Of course, you will say that in a presidential “debate” Bush advocated a “humble foreign policy.”  When did something a Bush says in a campaign have any relation to what he does in office?  Bush’s leftward drift, takeover by the neocons, and huge expansion of federal power and expenditure would have happened even without 9/11.  There was no great change or conversion after 9/11—only an acceleration on the path he was already on.  To move toward a leftist concentration of federal power is the attractive path of least resistance for any administration.

I am further continually astounded by the apparently widespread hallucination that the Republican Party is the “conservative” party.  In its entire history of a century and a half, the Republican Party has never conserved anything.  It has never had as a goal the intention of conserving anything worthwhile.  It has instigated revolution in the service of certain monied interests and has acquiesced in every radical change  as long as those interests were not threatened.

It is now a commonplace to say of our past eight years that “conservatism” has been discredited forever by George W. Bush and his followers.  Conservatism has not been discredited, but Republicanism has.  However, leftists much prefer to announce the death of conservatism, a possible obstacle to their agenda, and keep around Republicanism—one of their many assets.

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