Mitregate 2010!

Mitregate 2010! by • June 23, 2010 • Printer-friendly

If you’re the presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church, and you’re asked to preach at the C of E’s Southwark Cathedral, and Archbishop Rowan Williams asks you not to wear your mitre, what do you do?  Answer: You carry it defiantly by your side and bring the fire about how “God welcomes everyone, regardless of dress or condition.”

And if you’re Archbishop Rowan Williams, and your C of E is in the midst of a great civil war over the ordination of women to the episcopacy, and you want to appease everyone, what do you do?  Ask Katharine Jefferts Schori kindly to remove her hat in church.  For, as it is written, a woman who prayeth with her head covered offendeth the angels.

I’m sure that appeased everyone.

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