Tom PiatakOver at NRO, the chorus of praise for Rudy Giuliani grows louder. David Frum has announced that he has become a senior advisor to Giuliani, whom he praised for his “character.” William Simon and Deroy Murdock wrote separate pieces to explain why social conservatives should support Giuliani. And, on Wednesday, Kathryn Jean Lopez made clear that criticism of Giuliani would need to come to an end if Giuliani were the Republican nominee, since “Hillary must be stopped.”

So this is where the mainstream conservative movement has led us: to more and more “conservatives” signing on to support the pro-abortion, pro-gay rights Giuliani, who as mayor of New York favored gutting the Second Amendment and protecting illegal aliens from possible deportation in his “sanctuary city.” The NRO crowd has no shame, if we are supposed to take seriously praise for the character of the adulterous Giuliani, who cheated on his second wife before marrying wife number three, herself the veteran of two prior marriages. But it does have principles of a sort: If the GOP were to nominate Ron Paul rather than Rudy Giuliani, one can be sure that Lopez would fill NRO with invective denouncing Paul. All NRO cares about is support for endless war in the Mideast, and all of Giuliani’s many flaws will be overlooked, since he has made it clear he fully supports the way Bush has waged “the War on Terror.” Indeed, with both Norman Podhoretz and David Frum as advisers, Giuliani promises to be even more mindlessly belligerent than Bush.

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