The Way We Are Now Goes On

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“Forward, gentlemen, and show them the bayonet.”  —Stonewall Jackson, born January 21, 1824

It may be that automobile workers are not very good workers, as some assert.  But they are a whole lot better at being workers than the automobile industry executives are at being executives.

Parts of the Posse Comitatus Act have been repealed, and Obama wants a domestic military force.  This time you Yankees are going to see what “Reconstruction” is like.

It is true that Obama is an empty suit, but a majority of the electorate seems to like the colour and cut of the suit.

The California government is in bad trouble. As usual, the prodigal son wants to be bailed out by the responsible brothers.  Except this prodigal son wants to continue his lavish lifestyle.  It is suggested that California solve its problems by dividing into five states.  As usual, the suggestion is selfish and very short-sighted.  I am perfectly willing to see California independent or joining Mexico.  It would be a great boon to the United States to get rid of it.  But we don’t need eight more Pelosis and Boxers in the Senate to outvote the dwindling decent states.

I have figured out how to save the economy!   Instead of just a stingy policy of voting money to bankers, stockjobbers, automobile moguls, bureaucrats, and favoured contractors, Congress should vote money for everybody!  I don’t know about you, but I could use a little “economic stimulus” myself.

Are you waiting for American leftists to apologise for the shambles they made in destroying Rhodesia?  Don’t hold your breath.

Given the hard times, the great Change Agent Obama might have opted for a simple and inexpensive inauguration and given the money to the poor.  The inauguration circus is a relatively new phenomenon and a travesty of democracy.

But after all, all’s right with the world.  Jorge Bush assures us that everything he has done was for the good of the country.  He did not mention which country.

Theodore Dalrymple, on the British education system today.  It applies just as well to the U.S.: “A perverse ideology reigns, in which truth and probity play no part.”

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