Last night’s divine surprise is important more for the many bad things that will not happen than for the good ones that may happen. That Donald Trump won in spite of his many blunders, and in spite of the mainstream media machine acting as an integral part of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, indicates the magnitude of the elite-class debacle. Many disasters will be averted now.

The appointment of one, two, or even three Ruth Bader Sotomayor clones will not happen. There will be no mass amnesty for the illegals. The Clinton crime syndicate will no longer be able to operate with impunity, and its principals may face justice. (After all, Hillary Clinton has said that Nelson Mandela was her role model, and he was elected president only after he had served 27 years in prison.) There will be no second-generation Clinton dynasts. There will be no more mass pardons of hardened criminals. There will be no more bowing before Saudi royal kleptocrats, and no White House Iftar dinners with halal menus. There will be no mass influx of Syrian “refugees.” There will be no more “progressive projects” to erode the remnants of the Republic. There will be no more trashing of white working Americans. There will be no Humas in the Oval Office, no Nulands in the Cabinet and no Foundation donors in the anteroom.

Most importantly, there will be no meaningless wars in pursuit of hegemony for its own sake.

If Trump does remain staunch in his stated intent to reject the services of neocon “experts,” who are certain to start sending him their blood-soaked resumes, America will have a chance to become great again at home by acting as a satiated power abroad—like Rome under the Five Good Emperors, 19th century Britain, or the German Kaiserreich under Bismarck. That would mean that the United States would finally cease to be the major cause of instability and tension in today’s world, as it has been for the past quarter-century. There will be no games of chicken with Russia, no U.S.-declared and enforced “no-fly zone” in Syria—to which Hillary was fully committed, in spite of the obvious risk of causing a nuclear war—and no covert help for any jihadists (aka “moderate rebels”) anywhere. There will be no escalation with Beijing over some shoals in the South China Sea, no reckless attempts to make frozen post-Soviet conflicts hot again, and no interventions to force Bosnia’s unification and thus complete “the unfinished business in the Balkans” (Hillary Clinton at her Senate confirmation hearing, February 2009). Trump may then proceed to dismantle the American “deep state,” and especially the shadow government’s key components in the national security behemoth and the military-industrial complex. That would be the prerequisite of his successful assault on open immigration, “free trade” and global hegemony. It could put his life in danger, but it is worth a try.

“There’s something out there that’s hard to fathom,” said a CNN pundit as the map started turning uncertain or even red in unexpected places, around 4 AM my time (10 PM Eastern). “You would not have a reality-based conversation projecting this map until a few hours ago,” said another a few minutes later. These people, and their ilk in a thousand studios, editorial offices, colleges and think-tanks, and their masters—from the Vineyard and Upper East Side to Palo Alto and Beverly Hills—are clueless and stupid, in addition to being evil. They deserved this defeat, and their shock should be exploited immediately and boldly to rob them permanently of their power to do bad things to good people.