Reasons for voting Democrat:

More freebies, welfare, government jobs, grants; satisfaction of leftist ideological malice; if you are a minority, the pleasure of sticking it to Whitey.

Reasons for voting Republican:

Unless you are a big capitalist, a defense contractor, an employer of illegal immigrants, or a politician hoping for the perks of office, there are none.*

*Historical note: The Republican Party prospered pretty well for a century and a half by never doing anything for its voters except giving them a sense of respectability, of superiority to the immigrant herd and Southern barbarians.  But now, except in the clueless boondocks, it is more respectable to be a Democrat.  (Some people have voted Republican in the hope of slowing down the Democrat destruction of the country, but they have been and are certain to continue to be disappointed.  To keep doing the same thing over and over although it never works is one of the definitions of insanity.  However, in this case it is not so much insanity as desperation and inability to think outside the box.)