Do you look forward  to living in a majority nonwhite country, which the U.S. is predicted to be in a few decades?

Will you take a lie detector test about this?

Do you look forward to your descendants living in such a country?

Have you ever thought about your descendants at all?

Did your forebears intend to found or to immigrate to such a country?

Have you ever thought about your forebears at all?

All authorities today declare that the Civil War was fought to free the slaves.  Why is it so important to suppress any alternative  interpretation of this great historical event?

Why exactly  is Abraham Lincoln the greatest American?  Don’t use vague platitudes to answer this.

When you say “we” are at war in Afghanistan, what precisely do you mean by “we”?

When you hear it said that “we” owe a trillion dollar federal debt, what precisely is meant by “we”?

Why exactly  is the Democratic party considered to be the “liberal” party?  What does “liberal” mean?

Why is the Republican party considered to be the “conservative” party?  What does “conservative” mean”?  What “conservative” policies has the Republican party ever implemented?

Why are there, for all practical purposes, only two political parties in the U.S., unlike most  free countries?  Was this ordained by the Constitution?

What exactly do we mean when we say “free country”?

Did our Founding Fathers fight a Revolution and found a new country for the purpose of  spreading democracy throughout the globe?

Did American men fight and die in World War II for the purpose of defending “diversity”?

What, precisely, is “democracy”?

What precisely does the phrase “all men are created equal” mean?

What qualities and accomplishments of greatness did John F. Kennedy exhibit?  The same question for George W. Bush?

Did Ronald Reagan create a “new morning in America”?

Why was Obama awarded the Nobel Prize?