For months, we’ve seen stories on polls being cooked to boost Hillary Clinton’s numbers and demoralize Trump voters. Others have noted the possibility of a “Brexit” type surprise on election day. Meanwhile, in the wake of the re-opening of the FBI investigation of the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal, the race is tightening, according to numerous tracking polls, while a Los Angeles Times poll as of this writing has Trump up by five points. Trump can win this election—and if the poll skeptics are right, he might win by enough to prevent any finagling with the election results. 

We have cause to be skeptical about anything main stream media and the political “experts” tell us—they said Trump couldn’t be nominated, after all, and that if he was, Hillary would win easily, and that’s apart from the lies, distortions and brazen bias of media propaganda about Trump and his supporters. The sheer gall, duplicity, and hypocrisy of the anti-Trump camp has, whether the powers-that-be realize it or not, destroyed whatever belief a substantial portion of the electorate still had in their legitimacy. Anyone who has closely observed the campaign or attended a Trump rally can see that this candidate has ignited a fierce enthusiasm among his supporters—the sheer size of Trump rallies compared to those of his opponent, the apparent lack of enthusiasm of the Democratic “base” for Clinton, and reports that black voters, a key element in the Democratic coalition, may stay home this time, should have us all wondering how much the slanted version of the campaign propagated by Trump’s enemies actually corresponds to reality.

It’s remarkable that Trump is still standing and in the fight after the onslaught of ferocious attacks launched against him by the globalist establishment in both parties, mass media, academia, and big business. That Trump is still in the race underscores the depth of the anger among Americans who see their country being wrecked by elites who despise them. If Trump does win the election next Tuesday, that will represent only a round one victory in what will likely be a lengthy and brutal fight. Trump’s enemies will not let up and will likely do all they can to undermine his presidency, if not remove him from office. He will also have to be wary of subversion by main stream Republicans who could infiltrate his administration to hijack it from within. Trump will have to rely on seasoned supporters like Senator Jeff Sessions in choosing people to staff his administration.

If Trump wins, he may see a number of previously reluctant Republican legislators defect to his camp and, judging by the reported fear of a revolt within the FBI over Director James Comey’s initially backing away from the Clinton e-mail investigation, it appears that there are a number of patriotic and honorable people within the federal system who could be allies in the fight to come. 

If Trump loses, we can hope that he stays active, builds a movement (whether within the GOP or in a new party), and leads the fight to prevent Hillary Clinton from completing Obama’s stated task of “transforming” America—of finally swamping the historic American nation under a tidal wave of mass immigration, gutting what remains of the country’s economic base, and sending American troops to fight more wars that have nothing to a do with interests of America or her people. Whether Trump wins or loses, this election campaign has done us all a favor—the mask is off now, and we can no longer harbor illusions about what the powers-that-be think of ordinary Americans or of what they have in store for us.  


[Image credit: By Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America (Donald Trump) [CC BY-SA 2.0]]