After decades of massacres on the school grounds of America, theories advanced to explain them come down to two: the ready availability of guns in this country, and the number of “angry white males” among student bodies (though in the case of the Virginia Tech killer, the perpetrator was Asian).  These explanations fit nicely into the liberal diagnosis of social evil in this country in the 21st century and therefore into American educators’ understanding as well, which accounts for the inability of the professional explainers to see the truth under their noses.  Because in these events there is poetic justice too shocking and cruel for most people to bear: The real explanation for murderous violence in the schools is what has been taught in those schools for generations.

As studies made over the past 10 or 20 years suggest, Americans are not a happy people, and American children are probably the most unhappy of all.  The reason is not primarily the disappearance of unskilled jobs, the stagnation of wages, and economic inequality.  It is what the American people have come to believe about themselves and about the world, and what they believe is basically what they were taught at school.  And what American schools—public and private—have been teaching for decades is the liberal view of the nature of man and the universe that confuses men and women, starting in childhood, and makes them discontented and unhappy, as false doctrine—untruth—is bound to do.  Liberal education, as conducted by liberals, promises the pursuit of happiness, but it delivers the easy descent into Hell.  How can people be happy when they have been taught that they have no real identity as children of a personal God; as citizens of a deservedly proud country and the inheritors of a valuable cultural tradition; as men and women endowed with distinct biological roles, not as bearers of a vague grammatical “gender” (modern educators actively discourage maleness in boys); as the offspring of parents descending from a definite historical lineage located within a more or less identifiable ethnic or racial group; as members of an historical church representing a body of accepted doctrine; as immortal souls advancing through life toward a recognized goal and a final end?  As young people entrusted to the instruction of certified adults who are supposed to know what is true and what is not, students are inevitably confused on being taught the opposite of what they have been taught at home—and more importantly still, what as human beings they know by instinct and intuition.  The world liberalism has created is an insane world, and children, having yet to acquire the hard, protective, adaptive shell most adults develop, are innately sensitive to the fact.

Those liberalism wishes to destroy, it first makes mad.