Last month we wrapped up the first Chronicles reader survey conducted in quite some time. Overall, the survey reinforced what we sensed about you, our loyal readers, and the direction you’d like to see the magazine go. Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete and return the survey; the quantity of responses we received exceeded our greatest expectations.

In our chaotic and ideologically charged times, conservatives often feel isolated and alone. We observe the growing insanity promulgated across nearly all of society’s institutions: mainstream media, entertainment, higher education, public schools, government bureaucracies, and in the marketing and human resources departments of major corporations. One could say conservatives have adopted a mentality akin to a person hunkering down in a bunker, waiting for the current madness to pass.

You are not alone. Our survey showed that Chronicles has many thousands of readers who feel the same way. Our readers are generally, but not exclusively, a bit older and wiser than the general population. Most are very well-educated and many hold or have held business leadership positions and have been financially successful. Our readers are, in a phrase, intellectual, traditional conservatives.

When it comes to reading Chronicles, you prefer the magazine in print and enjoy taking time to peruse its articles. Many of you have expressed the opinion that Chronicles provides both a critical anchor to sanity in a disturbed culture, while also providing a refreshing oasis of engagement for your mind.

One of the most frequent requests we fielded is to bring back events, similar to the John Randolph Club events of past years. Many readers would like to spend time with our editors and writers, and with fellow readers. We do hope to facilitate such meetings when the COVID lockdowns are lifted. In the meantime, we’ve launched Backchannel, a weekly, live videocast featuring interviews with Chronicles editors and writers, which provide viewers the opportunity to ask questions. Keep an eye out for e-mail updates about these virtual events.

Another recurring request is for Chronicles to publish more articles on what can be done in the face of America’s cultural crisis. Of course, we all know things aren’t right. So, what can we do? In the coming months, we’ll provide articles aimed at not only diagnosing the problems we face, but which propose positive solutions for America that are rooted in the best ideas of Western civilization.

Finally, the top request was, “Don’t change Chronicles!” Readers need not worry. Our editorial staff and board of directors are devoted to the magazine and we see ourselves as the stewards of its great legacy. We are committed to preserving and promoting it.

To that end, we are working very hard to broaden the base of support for Chronicles magazine. Print subscriptions are growing steadily and our online engagement is soaring. We’ve recently hired a new marketing officer to help us continue these positive trends.

But there’s a lot more to do to foster the growth of Chronicles, and we humbly ask for your support. If you receive a subscription renewal or donation note from us in the mail, please consider being generous with your contribution to our cause. If you know of a friend, family member, or young American who would benefit from reading Chronicles, please consider giving them a gift subscription. Not only would you help keep Chronicles strong and independent, you would also help us advance and defend the good, the true, and the beautiful.

In this issue, I believe the brilliance and uniqueness of Chronicles and its contributors is on full display. The future of our Republic is at stake as we near the end of the modern era. The postmodern left has embraced the will to power, raging against anything and everything that stands in the way of their “liberation.” As you read this issue, please take time to think through the implications for your country, state, community, and family.

I hope the sobering insights contained in this issue will demonstrate why we have named the organization that publishes Chronicles after Charlemagne, the king who forged the culture of Western civilization out of chaos. The culture war is a full-spectrum, total war. We are no longer arguing about which policies and legislation are best for America. We are fighting for the very soul of our country. It is first and foremost a spiritual battle, one that will be determined by the will to power. May God grant us victory!