How much “diversity” can the West absorb before it is no longer the West and thus ceases to be a haven for people escaping their own non-Western “cultures”—which they bring with them?

When and why did the critical shift occur in American mentality that caused “scholars” and journalists to stop reporting facts, events, and conditions observable in the world around us and concentrate on reporting their feelings about an imaginary world?

Is the servitude of Africans that existed in North America from the early 17th century to the mid-19th century really the greatest crime in history, as is frequently stated these days?

Did you know that the civilised tribes of Indians held black slaves?

Was Richard Weaver right when he wrote that the more decadent a society grows the less it has the power to discern its decadence?

Did Russell Kirk perhaps have a lesson for American conservatives when he observed that they too often mistook “the acquisitive instinct” for the very different “conservative disposition”?

Was Solzhenitsyn right when he said that an evil regime’s pervasive distortions of the truth are even worse than its physical oppression?

What did M.E. Bradford mean when he suggested that it was perilous for Americans to continue to worship Lincoln?

Should a federal judge have ordered taxpayers to provide weight equipment for imprisoned felons so they could get more muscular and be better able to resist arrest the next time?

Whenever you read of someone being arrested for a horrible crime, you usually learn that this person had been convicted several times previously for violent crimes but was still walking around free to commit more. This is so commonplace that we hardly even notice it any more. What is wrong with this picture?

What would happen if real issues were actually discussed in a presidential campaign instead of phony posturing and meaningless competitions? (A good guess is that the media, candidates, and party rulers would go postal and pull out all the stops to suppress any appearance of real issues.)

Once more, what is wrong with this picture?