The New York Times has delivered the unshocking news: “White births are no longer a majority in the United States.”

Using words like “milestone” and “tipping point” and “tectonic,” the Times wonders aloud whether greedy white folks will be willing to pony up the cash necessary to educate the burgeoning majority-minority generation.  After all, the Maj-Mins (copyright ADW) will “look less like them.”

But wait: Are we (Honks) supposed to be colorblind and happy about our own decline all at once?  Does the same paper that champions the Obama birth-control mandate also celebrate fecundity, so long as it is nonwhite?

Always looking on the bright side, America’s Newspaper of Record notes that Crackers should just be grateful that someone is willing to reproduce, given . . . the insolvency of Social Security.

“If the U.S. depended on white births alone, we’d be dead,” Mr. [Dowell] Myers said. “Without the contributions from all these other groups, we would become too top-heavy with old people.”

Professor Dowell makes his case for pragmatic amnesty in his Immigrants and Boomers: Forging a New Social Contract for the Future of America, whose flap celebrates that,

In this compelling, optimistic book, Myers calls for a new social contract between the older [white] and younger [Hispanic] generations, based on their mutual interests and the moral responsibility of each generation to provide for children and the elderly.

So old white people should view young brown people as retirement-plan cash cows.  That’s not racist at all.