The story of the Mexican Left’s murderous persecution of the Church is not well known, even though it inspired one of the great novels of the 20th century, The Power and the Glory.  The story of the Cristero uprising intended to end that persecution is even less well known.  But that uprising has now inspired a fine movie, For Greater Glory, which opens on June 1 and which I was fortunate enough to see tonight.  The Cristero war was marked by tragedy and by brutality on both sides, but it is also saw brave defiance of tyranny, deep devotion to God, and heroism, and For Greater Glory tells that story well.  It is a well made film with very fine acting, and far superior to Hollywood’s now standard fare of movies inspired by comic books, board games, defunct television shows, and other such wellsprings of profundity.  Go and see it if you have the chance.

UPDATE:  Chris Check is quite knowledgeable about the Cristeros and he has written an excellent overview of their struggle.  Chris’ article may be found here.