December 21, 2018

Mr. Speaker:

Too many of our leaders seem to want to be modern-day Winston Churchills and think of themselves as great war leaders.

They are far too eager to go to war and far too willing to stay in a war after it is started.

But the American people do not want and especially do not need permanent, forever wars.

I salute President Trump’s decision to bring our troops home from Syria.

With a $21 trillion national debt, we simply cannot afford to be the policeman of the world.

Our very unnecessary wars in the Middle East have now cost us several trillion dollars that we had to borrow and have resulted in the deaths or horrible injuries to thousands of young Americans and many more thousands of innocent women and children.

They have created more enemies for our country around the world.

The Bible tells us in both the Old Testament and the New to “seek peace and pursue it.”

—John J. Duncan, Jr.