Derek, I have a silly but not irrelevant question.  Is the SNP and its allies seeking total independence or merely separation?  In other words, is one possibility that Scotland could revert to it status before the Act of Union?  In which case Sir Sean would have be entitled to a knighthood granted by Elizabeth II who would both Queen of England and Queen of Scotland.  My dissertation director, Douglas Young, was a poet and Scots Nat activist, but he had no problem with being British, and it was interesting to hear him slip back and forth between his normal Oxbridge English and the Lowland Scots (which he dubbed Lallans) he kept for Scottish visitors.  He also wrote in both languages.

As something of a Romantic nationalist, you must have a little sympathy for a Scottish national movement, though the SNP is simply another Leftist party.  I remember a taxi driver in Edinburgh, who pointed at the hideous parliament building and exclaimed:  I supported the SNP all my life  but I never realized that that  was their vision of Scotland.  He added that he would never vote for them again.