The left talks often about so-called white privilege. Being “white” is a privilege, in that it is a privilege to be a biological, spiritual, and moral heir of the best civilization the world has known, from the Old Testament and Homer via Rome and Constantinople, via the leftward turn of the Renaissance and the heresy of the Enlightenment, to the melancholy fulfillment of the grim warnings of Dostoevsky and predictions of Spengler, all amidst unprecedented scientific and technological advancement.

It’s also a responsibility. In these horrid times, this responsibility entails fighting the good fight and damning the odds. Serbia’s martyred Prince Lazar knew those odds when facing Sultan Murad’s horde at the Battle of Kosovo on June 15, 1389. His choice was inevitably the same as that made by other Christian martyrs, among them the last Roman emperor Constantine XI at the fall of Constantinople in 1453, and the defender of Famagusta, Marco_Antonio_Bragadin, in 1571.

Over the ensuing dark centuries of Mohammedan rule, Serb village bards recalled their culture’s last stand in the epic poem, The Fall of the Serbian Empire:

“Tsar Lazar, thou Prince of noble lineage,
What wilt thou now choose to be thy kingdom?
Say, dost thou desire a heav’nly kingdom,
Or dost thou prefer an earthly kingdom?
If thou should’st now choose an earthly kingdom,
Knights may girdle swords and saddle horses,
Tighten saddle-girths and ride to battle.
You will charge the Turks and crush their army!
But if thou prefer a heav’nly kingdom,
Build thyself a church upon Kosovo. (…)
And to all thy warriors and their leaders
Thou shalt give the sacraments and orders,
For thine army shall most surely perish,
And thou too, shalt perish with thine army.”

When the Tsar had read the holy letter,
Ponder’d he, and ponder’d in this manner:
“Mighty God, what now shall this my choice be!
Shall I choose to have a heav’nly kingdom?
Shall I choose to have an earthly kingdom?
If I now should choose an earthly kingdom,
Lo, an earthly kingdom is but fleeting,
But God’s kingdom shall endure for ever.”

As contemporary heirs of Lazar, Constantine, and Bragadin, we do not and should not give a hoot that Nancy Pelosi & Co. take the knee draped in African rags. Or that Mitt Romney and his ilk have said this or done that. We should be ready for a fight and for martyrdom, figuratively, and literally.

We should take pride in the compliment paid to us, and our fruits, by a worthy heir of another true civilization a century ago. During and after the Meiji Restoration that revived the Japanese emperor’s rule during the 19th century, the Japanese readily admitted, without giving up their sense of uniqueness and even understated superiority, that Western music expressed their emotions far better than anything in their own tradition. As he left French soil, writer Nagai Kafu (1879–1959) pondered the magnificence of French culture:

No matter how much I wanted to sing Western songs, they were all very difficult. Had I, born in Japan, no choice but to sing Japanese songs? Was there a Japanese song that expressed my present sentiment—a traveler who had immersed himself in love and the arts in France but was now going back to the extreme end of the Orient where only death would follow monotonous life? … I felt totally forsaken. I belonged to a nation that had no music to express swelling emotions and agonized feelings.

Kafu here describes emotions almost entirely unknown to most postmodern white Westerners, let alone the denizens of inner cities steeped in rap and hip-hop. A mass murderer par excellence, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, once explained to Maxim Gorky that he refused to listen to music because “it makes you want to say stupid, nice things and stroke the heads of people who could create such beauty while living in this vile hell.” Lenin had a kindred soul in Ayatollah Khomeini, who expressed similar views in an interview with Oriana Fallaci: “Music dulls the mind, because it involves pleasure and ecstasy, similar to drugs. Your music I mean.”

We the Privileged know precisely what he meant. To paraphrase a memorable Italian, better one day of Mozart than a hundred years of Jay-Z; better one day of Milton than a hundred years of Maya Angelou and her ilk’s “intensification of life.” As we hum Schubert’s Lieder while attending to our daily chores, let us recall that there is but one standard of reason, evidence, and objectivity. There are no multiple self-validating systems of perception, feeling, thought, and evaluation, each associated with a racially, ethnically, religiously, or sexually defined group. That is a pernicious cultural-Marxist lie, evil and murderous. There are permanent principles of justice, freedom and beauty that apply to all human beings as such, as Kafu knew, as the late, lamented Jean Raspail’s last-stand non-white hero understood. These standards exist, regardless of race or ethnicity.

We the Privileged reject Joe Biden’s addled decision to “choose truth, not facts.” It is not merely idiotic; it is dark and evil. It is on par with the dictum that “justice trumps the law.” We know that it is the well-known path that leads undeviatingly to Robespierre, Stalin, Pol Pot, Tito et al. Of course, we may end up under the Antifa guillotine, or before the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) firing squad, for telling the truth about the life and death of the Martyr of Minneapolis, or for unmasking the BLM freak show, or the role of George Soros in making it possible. For the Privileged it is both dulce et decorum to die for a good cause and shameful and intolerable to linger on in silent servitude to the disciples of Mammon, Muhammad, Marx, or MLK.

We Privileged Whites know exactly what is going on, but unfortunately we lack a coherent strategy of resistance. Some pledges of principle are in order. Hereby I aver:

  • Not to take the knee: a satanic quasi-religious gesture that demeans me and my people, whatever the promise of better treatment in the reeducation camp.
  • Never to accept, even tacitly, that the random melange of mutually disconnected multitudes inside America’s borders is anything but a curse, the exact opposite of what makes a nation strong.
  • Never to cease fighting the monstrous dictum that we should not feel a special bond for any particular country, nation, race, or culture, but transfer our preferences on the whole world equally, and to our enemies first and foremost.

We the Privileged know that America’s ongoing collapse is not due to the lumpenproletarian underclass of color, which is not capable of conceptualizing and strategizing anything. It is the fruit of the enemy inside the gates, the sick specimens gripped by an extreme form of Weiningerian self-hate. The facilitators of our destruction, starting with the SPLC and its commissars, must be permanently neutralized if we are to survive. It’s a question of what Lenin called kto-kogo—who will overtake whom? The fight is not over.

[Image: “The Kosovo Maiden” a 1919 painting by Uros Predic depicting the aftermath of the Battle of Kosovo. (Wikimedia Commons)]