The American news media with hardly any exceptions is propagating a falsehood, a lie which is fatal to what remains of the old American republic. Practically all our political leaders, including most Republicans and establishment conservatives, have bought into it.

America at its core, goes the narrative, is a racist society, drenched in historic systemic racism, and the white man is eternally stained with the onus of that guilt. And, in fact, there is really nothing he can do except renounce his whiteness and the entirety of Western civilization, and maybe disappear into the dark recesses of history, itself. His imputed supremacy is at an end.

The real object of this ongoing effort is ultimately power and control of society.

The response of those supposed conservative defenders of American traditions to the fanatical tsunami of violent revolutionary lunacy reminds me of the scene in the film Waterloo (1970), when the illiterate private in the Welsh Guards who has engaged in plunder and stolen a young pig, cautions the pig not to squeal, not to alert those around him of his plunder (a capital offense under military law). “Be quiet,” he tells the pig, “and I’ll only eat half of you!” 

Confronted by shrill and seemingly overpowering demands of a noisy nucleus of woke leftists, the authorized conservatives and Republicans respond to the revolutionaries in the same way: “Only kill us halfway, but please, oh please, don’t call us racists!”

In other words, let’s compromise: you basically get what you want, and you’ll not call us that nasty name—that is, until the next phase of the ongoing revolution against Western civilization, when the process of slow surrender will begin all over again.

Soon there won’t be anything left to compromise.

Has this not been the way with those establishment, opposition forces for Heaven knows how long? Surrender—get killed—just a bit, and continue the desultory and disastrous retreat: voting rights, gun rights, affirmative action, same-sex marriage, transgenderism and gender fluidity, banning free speech, and so on.

The template is built on fabrications and falsification of statistics. Indeed, is this not an example of the “big lie” technique? Tell an untruth long enough, inculcate it into the curricula of school children and via the boob tube over decades, and soon most people will believe it. 

Perhaps the most useful lie has been about the death of unarmed black folks at the hands of police. But that lie is exploded, and we know the precise number of those killings thanks to a detailed Washington Post database.  According to the Post’s own reporting in 2019 police actually killed 25 unarmed whites and just 15 unarmed blacks. Indeed, the chances of being unarmed, arrested, and then killed by the police are extremely rare: Just one out of 292,000 arrests for blacks and one out of 283,000 arrests for whites. This is hardly a “wave of racist police killings,” as the media incessantly claims.

Never mind, say the social justice warriors. Whitey is still guilty with the ineradicable stain of racism, and not just those Confederate symbols, but all symbols of so-called whiteness and essentially of Western, Christian civilization must be erased, torn down, and smashed to smithereens. The past…indeed, history itself…must be abolished. And so too inherited historical memory, the accumulated wisdom and knowledge of the past is to be totally inverted or effaced.

And all the while the establishment conservative voices promoted to us on Fox News, the Brian Kilmeades, the Jonah Goldbergs, and the Chris Wallaces—all whine “please, only eat half of me!”

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