“I wasted time, and now doth time waste me” was Richard II’s lament. It could be echoed by Theresa May, but she doesn’t echo any wording other than the drab officialese of “We are working to ensure there will be no hard border.” She can keep this stuff going all day, and indeed does. Theresa May could bore for England, but not the EU. The EU potentates gave her 15 minutes last week to make her pitch, after which the hungry 27 trooped off for dinner (pan-fried mushrooms and fillet of turbot cooked in wheat beer, we understand) while Mrs. May went off to a fish supper at the UK Commissioner’s residence. She was allowed to attend some meetings on the following day, but not all, and the EU is closed to her until the final sign-off in December. The EU leaders complain that they don’t know what Mrs. May wants; they can’t have been paying attention, since it is perfectly obvious what she wants. It is to stay in office for an ever-extending period; office is delightful, plus it comes with a clothes allowance. Who could resist such a deal? Many in Parliament agree with the M.E.P. who said, “The woman who can’t make decisions wants to keep us in limbo for longer.” It is now up to the Tories. It is said that 44 letters to the Chairman of the 1922 Committee have been lodged; 4 more and there will be a leadership challenge. Will the Tories screw their courage to the sticking-place, or reach for the sticking plaster?