‘Divisive’: the Left denounces the term. Good.  It means that the enemy is running scared. The Left raises its hands in holy horror at the idea of a community being ‘divided’. But all elections divide voters into pro and con. You cannot hold an election for the Chairman of the Golf  Club without fierce passions being involved. Voters are urged to shrink from ‘divisive’ policies; the word carries a rasp of outrage, as though unity of thought were the true goal of the State. What the Left means by ‘divisive’ is that they fear being on the losing side of division.  And it happens. ‘Polarize’ is kin to ‘divisive’; it implies a charge that ‘polarize’ is bad in itself.  If a new crime ‘polarization’ is to be put on the statute book, the Left is up to it. I propose a motto for the instinctive Right: ‘Divided we stand.’