Let’s start the new year with a politically incorrect column by telling it like it is, for a change.  During the last week of November, in Portland, Oregon, the FBI arrested a Somali-born U.S. resident as he was about to blow up a Christmas-tree-lighting ceremony in a public square full of mothers and children.  The authorities were aware of his plans and had provided the would-be mass-murderer with phony weapons of mass destruction.  But my questions are, why was this Somali subhuman in the United States in the first place, and why was he able to obtain U.S. residency?  For once the FBI acted intelligently.  As defense lawyers in cases involving sting operations often accuse the FBI of entrapment, the undercover agents had offered the subhuman—his surname is Mohamud, what else?—several nonfatal ways to serve his bloodlust (prayer, for example), but he insisted he wanted to kill Americans, and what better place to find the old-fashioned Anglo-Saxon type than in Portland, Oregon?

Worse, his family and friends are all over here, and during the next few years we will hear from them what a normal young man the subhuman is, and how well he did in high school.  It’s all seditious rubbish, but the liberal media will make sure that by the time the government gets a conviction—if it does—Mohamud will be looked at as someone young led astray by the internet.  Led astray by the teachings paid for by Saudi Arabia would be closer to the mark, but the Saudis have oil; hence, they are sacrosanct.  In fact we have to kiss their ass even if their money is responsible for Muslim terrorism around the world.

In September 2009, a 19-year-old Jordanian was arrested after placing a fake bomb at a 60-story Dallas skyscraper.  The same month another Muslim was charged with placing a bomb at the federal building in Springfield, Illinois.  And in October, a naturalized American Muslim was charged with plotting to bomb the Washington subway.  Not to mention the Pakistani, also a naturalized American, who placed a car bomb in Times Square that failed to detonate.

Which brings me to my original question: Why are Somalis, in particular, and Muslims, in general, allowed to immigrate over here?  During the 1990’s a very pretty, well-educated 24-year-old English girl whose finances I had guaranteed was refused a visa for no apparent reason.  She had no record and came from a privileged background.  When I asked who interviewed her, she told me a black female and an Hispanic male.  They were almost hostile while turning down her application.  You don’t have to read between the lines, dear readers.  She was white and a Christian, and white Christians are no longer welcome in the United States.  It’s as simple as that.

My own wife, on a European passport, was harassed by officials at JFK for absolutely no reason, while our two dogs remained in their cage for hours howling for her to take delivery.  Incidentally, my wife is white and a Catholic.  She was allowed one telephone call, like a common criminal.  There was no apology after her papers were found to be in perfect order.

No wonder 47 percent of Americans think our best days are behind us.  Blacks and Hispanics have organized themselves and have been appointed by the powers that be to positions that arbitrarily select who comes in and who stays out.  The only New York Times columnist worth reading, Nicholas Kristof, recently wrote about a prostitution ring in Manhattan comprising mainly Chinese and some Koreans who force young women from mainland China to immigrate to America under the promises of lucrative jobs, then force them into prostitution through torture and threats to their families back home.  And as everyone knows, in Texas most of the trafficking of women is run by Hispanic immigrants, many of them illegals.  Seventy percent of trafficked prostitutes in the United States are from Central America and, to the last unfortunate one, controlled by Hispanic pimps.

So I ask again: Are we going to end up like France, Belgium, Britain, and Holland, where Muslim immigrants are assigned to live on welfare among their own kind, making those sections no-go areas?  Our jails are full of African-Americans, who at least have every right to commit their crimes in America, as their ancestors were forcibly brought to these shores.  Must we then bring more Africans over here?  More Somali militants?  More Yemenis?  More Saudi “students”?  More Chinese pimps?  Isn’t it time our congressmen did something about allowing white Europeans in, rather than African and Middle Eastern criminals?  In Switzerland, where I reside, the left is seething over a new referendum that would force the expulsion of Swiss naturalized citizens or residents if convicted of a serious crime.  Now that is what I call a real country, which has its citizens’ welfare at heart.  Let’s copy Switzerland for a change.