After we’ve attrited all the enemy, we’re going to have the New World Order. In the New World Order there will be no more disorder, that much we know. All those people who litter, laze, sprawl, and don’t do a lick of work in all those countries that don’t function too efficiently because everybody takes siestas all the time, all those slow-on-the-uptake countries with all their low-producing unwork-ethical people, will become efficient, clean, and productive when the New World Order comes. No more piddling around. Before the New World Order here in the United States we had the New Age, which was OK, but there wasn’t enough order in it. That’s over now. Throughout history there were many attempts at New Order. There was Hitler’s New Order, there was Nixon’s Law & Order, there was Novus Ordo Seclorum—that we still have, it’s on the dollar bill—and the Communist Boy Scouts’ Order & Discipline. The New World Order will bring to millennial fruition the eternal calls of schoolteachers for “order in the classroom,” and the heart-wrenching cries of the world’s silent majorities for “peace, quiet, and order.” The New World Order will be enforced, maintained, and kept in the forefront of all our activities by the world’s greatest, best, and most expensive techno-cop, the U.S. Military. President Bush in a speech referring to the New World Order called the 20th century the 20th “central” by mistake. But maybe it wasn’t a mistake, but a reference to the way the New World Order will divide the world into a number of “centrals.” In these centrals there will be order. Everyone else gets sent to extraterrestrial penal colonies. The New World Order is related to “orderly behavior,” “your order, sir,” “ordering before you go out,” “we have our orders,” and “order in the courtroom.” The New World Order will mean very special things to every field of endeavor, area of life, and geographical region. In my case, for instance, it will mean “rhyme and reason,” and “clean living” in “crime-free New Orleans.” As you can see, I’ve already started.