The United States has Mexico, and below her Central America, south of the border.  In ¡Adios, America!, Ann Coulter claims that 30 percent of the Mexican population, today over 122 million people, has moved to the United States within the past several decades.  Directly south of the European Continent lies the continent of Africa, population 1.033 billion.  East of Africa, the Middle East, home to nearly 400 million people, is the fastest-growing region, in terms of population, in the world.  Mexico is a medium-sized country, and the United States a very large one.  Europe is of comparatively small geographical extent, while the Third World, from which most of its immigrants come (Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia) covers a vast area.  America has been transformed since 1965 by Third World immigration.  The reception by the European Union and its 28 constituent countries of the “migrants” entering Europe through Greece and across the Mediterranean to Italy would totally obliterate Europe as an historic civilization.

The American establishment has nearly succeeded in its scheme to destroy the historical United States.  Similarly, the European establishment is poised to realize the still more ambitious plan to destroy the fons et origo of the entire Western world.  So far, the European Commission’s immigration policy is the ne plus ultra of Western immigration policy, which is no policy at all.  There is, for instance, absolutely no principle of exclusion applicable to anyone who wishes to come to Europe that cannot be got round by the “migrants.”  Anyone arriving from Africa, the Middle East, and indeed any Third World country can easily make a case for economic or political refugee status, or his bona fides as an asylum seeker.  The E.C. response to tens of thousands of boat people landing on European shores has been to attack the smugglers and shelter their clients on European soil.  The Commission seeks to impose quotas upon its members, whereby each country will accept an agreed number of immigrants without stipulating, or even hinting at, the total number of people, deserving or not, it would be willing to import to the Continent in the future.

David Miliband, the head of the International Rescue Committee and a former British foreign secretary, estimates that 60 million people are currently displaced around the world, and that number is only going to rise, with no conceivable end in sight.  Would the European Union welcome all of them (except, of course, for those the United States takes in)?  At this point, the Commission’s position seems to be identical with Pope Francis’s, which is that wealthy countries have a moral duty to admit all the world’s poor who wish to enter them.  But that is no policy of resistance and defense; it is abject surrender.  Indeed, it is national and cultural suicide.  Such a thing is unknown in the history of the world.