Inquiring Minds Want to Know II

Inquiring Minds Want to Know II by • May 21, 2008 • Printer-friendly

Clyde N. WilsonIf Obama is not elected will there be riots?

If Obama is elected, will there be riots?

Are Americans capable of recognising and electing good leaders? (We can’t know because it has been so long since they have seen one.)

What would happen if a real issue were brought up and debated in the presidential campaign?

Some 39 per cent of people still approve of George Bush. Who can these people possibly be?

According to one study, American children play outside 30 per cent less than they formerly did. Why?

A free market puzzle. Why do prices always rise faster than they fall?

What would happen to American life and discourse if enough people learned that Abraham Lincoln was not a saint?

What would America be like today if the immigration act of 1965 had not been passed?

How many dead Americans would be alive today if the immigration laws were actually enforced?

What would happen if a majority of people learned what really goes on in public schools?

What would be the reaction if a majority of people really understood that almost half the price of gasoline is taxes?

What if people really understood that Social Security taxes are highly regressive?

When will the politicians and pundits notice that America’s most critical problem is the ongoing disinheritance of middle and working class natives?

What if Longstreet had…?

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