Questions About the Way We Are Now

“American culture is an infinite regression to moronic vulgarity.” —Thomas Fleming

Napoleon famously called the English “a nation of shopkeepers.” Can we say that Americans are a non-nation of shoppers?

Are you ready for our first Luo-American president?

Are you ready for C-H-A-A-A-N-G-E!?

Are you ready for a President who got his start in politics with the Chicago machine?

Are you ready for (another) President who jokes about war?

After a Luo-American Democratic President we should have a Republican Kikiyu-American President. It’s only fair.

Thought experiment. According to widely accepted folklore, the Northern States fought the Southern States in 1861-1865 in order to free the slaves. If the South had freed the slaves after seceding, would the North have attacked them? (The answer is yes. The North attacked not to free the slaves but to “preserve the Union,” i.e., in order to keep the South captive for economic exploitation. The slaves being freed would have increased the incentive to attack and control the South because the Northern ruling class believed, mistakenly, that free blacks would provide cheaper and more profitable labour than slaves.)

According to the news, Ted Kennedy had three hours of brain surgery. I doubt if it will help. No cure has ever been found for Massachusetts.

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