Standing Athwart History Spouting Profanity

Standing Athwart History Spouting Profanity by • January 10, 2008 • Printer-friendly

Tom PiatakThere was a time when National Review had standards and vauled decorum. No more. In his zeal to take down Ron Paul, David Frum has approvingly cited and linked to a piece describing Ron Paul as “this little anti-semitic c*nt,” interspersed with repeated uses of “f*ck” and “f*cking,” “as*,” “cr*p,” and “sh*t.”

Frum also quotes the author’s description of Paul as a “hick,” which is, of course, a slur against Americans who live in rural areas. Such slurs obviously do not bother Frum, who has spent his American sojourn in Manhattan, New Haven, and D.C. But it shows a bit of ingratitude, since Americans from rural areas are providing a disproportionate amount of the manpower for our armed forces fighting the war Frum agitated for in Iraq. If Ron Paul is to be held accountable for the contents of ghostwritten newsletters he has repudiated, Frum should be held accountable for endorsing such a vulgar and vile screed.

Frum’s actions should come as no surprise, though. He has repeatedly shown a willingness to lie about and defame anyone who disagrees with his agenda. His endorsement of a profanity-laced diatribe is small stuff compared to that. But it is indicative of the man and his character.

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