The Obama Drama

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What a story!  It has everything!  Aliens, legal and otherwise, teen pregnancy, polygamy, miscegenation, crooked Chicago political bosses, a “true confessions” autobiography, a crazy preacher, a Cinderella rise to fame and glory, a Hamlet-like hero, a dual-loyalty Svengali, a spectacular  affirmative-action success story.  Race, sex, dysfunctional family, extreme limousine leftism, crime and mystery!  You couldn’t make this up for a soap opera.

It is a little unfair to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., don’t you think?  Another sainthood candidate so soon after King’s beatification.

One secret of Obama’s success.  Under George W. Bush a foreigner has settled in the U.S. every 36 seconds.  Not counting illegals, at least some of whom don’t vote.  Then too, Obama had Karl Rove working for him for over eight years.

He’s not even to the White House yet!  Already: economic collapse, mortgage of the country to speculators, constitutional crisis in the Senate, a cover-up, ethnic cleansing in the Middle East, Jesse Jackson, Jr., lurking in the wings, and rumours of a new Kennedy taking after an old Clinton.

It’s going to be interesting.  Try to remember to keep your sense of humour.

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