Today brings the news that 15 Moslem migrants seeking to enter Europe illegally are under arrest by Italian police for throwing 12 Christian migrants to their deaths in the Mediterranean. No doubt this incident will be downplayed or ignored by those who want Europe to welcome any illegal immigrant who can make it across the Mediterranean, but it should serve as a warning to Europeans: a sizable number of those you are welcoming hate you and would even kill you, if given the opportunity. This number need not be a majority or even a substantial minority in order to cause alarm. It is hard to see why any European would welcome Islamic immigration even if only 1% of Moslem immigrants were filled with the murderous hatred of Christianity that caused these Moslems to toss the Christians with whom they were sharing a boat into the sea. This is the same hatred that is causing ISIS to murder Christians in Iraq and Syria, Boko Haram to murder Christians in Nigeria, and Somali terrorists to murder Christians in Kenya.

We are told that we have to welcome such immigrants because it is so dangerous to cross the Mediterranean. But the best way to prevent illegal immigrants from drowning in the Mediterranean is to make it clear that any such journey is futile. If Italian ships began depositing would be immigrants in Libya instead of Lampedusa, pretty soon no one would risk his life by trying to enter Europe by sea.

And unless European ships begin intercepting and repatriating immigrant ships in the Mediterranean, more will be lost than the lives of those immigrants whose ships founder en route. If every North African who wants to come to Europe does come and is allowed to stay, Europe would eventually become an extension of North Africa. An Italy mostly populated by North Africans would be what Metternich said it was–a geographical expression. We can also be sure that, if the situation were reversed, the North Africans would not allow their countries to be overrun by European immigrants. If you doubt me, just ask a Pied-Noir.