Fourth Generation War theory provides a useful tool to understand the migrant invasion of Europe. 4GW basically is non-state warfare. The people invading Europe are not doing so inside T-34 tanks or Stukas. They’re walking. No government is leading their march, although some governments, such as that of Turkey, are encouraging it.

An classic 4GW example from the past that highlights the present is the Green March of 1975. According to the Global Nonviolence Database, “Ever since gaining its independence from Spain in 1956, Morocco firmly held that the Spanish Sahara (now known as the Western Sahara) should be included within its borders.” Invading with the Moroccan Army was out of the question because Spain had a decent military with NATO equipment.

Instead, “King Hassan II of Morocco announced to the entire nation over radio that he would organize and lead a ‘Green March’ in order to ‘reclaim’ the Western Sahara. The announcement of the Green March triggered a massive mobilization of 350,000 Moroccans: King Hassan outlined in his initial address that 306,500 of the volunteers were to be members of the general public roughly representing each of Morocco’s districts (although rural Morocco was over-represented), and the remaining 43,500 were to be government officials, yet all were to take part on a voluntary basis.”

It was Green because that’s the color of Islam. And it didn’t “reclaim” the Western Sahara, but take it away from the locals, the Sahrawi, whose POLISARIO Front revolutionaries were fighting a war for independence, not to be connected to Morocco. Spain’s Generalissimo Franco was no stranger to violence and would have used strong means to turn back the Green March. But he died in early 1975, and Spaniards longed to join the suicidal debaucheries of their materialist European brethren, not another war, so the Green March marched on.

Today, a New Green March is invading the heart of a long-debauched Europe. And it is an invasion. The Washington Post reported, “‘They’re not refugees. This is an invasion,’ said Bishop Laszlo Kiss-Rigo, whose dominion stretches across the southern reaches of this predominantly Catholic nation. ‘They come here with cries of “Allahu Akbar.” They want to take over’. . . . Most of them behave in a way that is very arrogant and cynical,’”

You can see it in the pictures. Most of the “refugees” are well-fed men, ages 18-40, carrying iPhones.

One of the maxims of 4GW is: Don’t break up states. Because then you create anarchic hotbeds of seething hatred that can’t be controlled, and can spread anywhere. But that’s just what President George W. Bush did in attacking Afghanistan and Iraq (instead of just going after Osama bin Laden in Northeastern Afghanistan), destroying their governments and creating anarchy, followed by the rise of ISIS in Iraq. It’s what President Obama and SecState Hillary Clinton did in Libya in 2011, with the help of Italy, Britain and France, when they toppled Qaddafi. The Libyan dictator even warned, just before he was toppled, that getting rid of him would put the jihadis in charge of Northern Africa, before they headed to Europe.

Yet Saddam in Iraq and Qaddafi were tamed; Qaddafi even gave up his nuclear material in the early 2000s. They clearly were no threat to the West. Rather, although brutal, they were holding back chaos.

Same thing, still—perhaps not for long—with Assad in Syria, where so many of those heading to Europe came from.

Meanwhile, as Pat Buchanan just wrote, Europe is committing suicide. America and Europe suffer from the most traitorous leaders the world ever has known. We may not survive their treachery.

(I again commend the work of William Lind on 4GW. See his On War.)