Iowa is bracing itself for the storm. The danger is not coming from the tornadoes that sweep across the plains this time of year, but from the Central American illegal immigrant “children,” eager to partake of the joys of life here in Middle America. 139 so far have come in, and if Iowa’s Marxists and faux-Christians have their way, the number will go a great deal higher before the end of the summer.

Governor Terry Branstad is for the time being a major obstacle to the ethnic transformation of the nation’s most boring state. For a change, a Republican governor does not actually want to damage the lives of his constituents, and he rejects all comparison with the relocation of legal Asian immigrants fleeing from the aftermath of America’s doomed crusade in Vietnam. The terminally silly churches of Iowa, Protestant as well as Catholic, have a different idea. Churches in Des Moines are gearing up to house as many Latino gang-bangers as they can squeeze into their city, and Mayor Bill Gluba of Davenport has already joined forces with the Caring Cities Campaign to find shelters in the Davenport area.

It is easy not to care. After all, it is in Iowa, where one city (Dubuque) has actually imported ghetto denizens in to suck up tax dollars and introduce their own brand of cultural diversity into a white bread state. When local elected representative politely demurred, he was denounced as a Nazi Ku Kluxer. These people are obviously too dumb to live, and a few thousand criminals may just teach them, albeit belatedly, some lessons in reality. Perhaps what we need is a fence to keep Iowans of any background from exiting the state. To be fair, we could put a six month moratorium and permit what few Iowans are not completely insane to refugee into Illinois or the Dakotas.

In the next-craziest state of the union, Massachusetts, Governor Deval Patrick is not content with the violence, crime, and poverty of the Boston area and wants his state to have its fair share of Guatemalans and Hondurans. The main protests of Patrick’s suicide pact with his supporters come from members of his own ethnic community who complain that the newcomers will take some of the boodle away from the existing ghetto-dwellers. Like the President he so much resembles in so many ways, Patrick claims his “faith” teaches him to import dangerous and costly illegals into a state he is charged with managing. My, what they teach in Presbyterian churches these days.  I used to think only America’s Catholic bishops were this ignorant of the Scriptures and Christian theology.

Just to set the record straight, the Bible does not teach us either that it is wrong to defend our country or that foreigners have the right to enter and enjoy all the benefits of citizens. To delegitimate the right of nations to defend themselves, some radicals misleadingly cite Paul’s statement that in baptism “There is neither Jew nor Greek,” [Gal 3:28] but this statement is aimed at repressing quarrels that broke out between gentile and Jewish Christians. The passage continues, “there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.” And yet, so far from uttering a word against slavery per se, he instructs slaves to obey their masters, and Paul, who has been unfairly stigmatized as a misogynist, can hardly be accused of pursuing a feminist agenda.

Some leftists have pretended that Christians cannot restrict immigration into their country, even if they believe it is harmful to their nation’s security and prosperity. They cite such statements as “Thou shalt neither vex a stranger nor oppress him: for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt.” Like most proof texts taken out context, these sentences are open to misinterpretation. Did strangers possess the same rights as Jews?  Apparently not. If a priest’s daughter married a foreigner, she could not eat the holy food that priests and their families partook of. [Lev 22:10] Solomon did a census of the strangers in Israel and sent them off to do hard labor.

A foreigner who approached the tabernacle was put to death [Num 21:51]. A Jew could charge interest on money loaned to a stranger but not to a Jew [Num 23:20], and the Jews’ ethnic first cousins, the Edomites, only gained full rights after three generations of living with the children of Israel. [Num 23:10] Like most ancient peoples, the Israelites were intensely chauvinistic and xenophobic. By their own (albeit exaggerated) account in Joshua and Judges, they exterminated the gentile population of Canaan when they entered the Promised Land.

These historical facts, though, are of little interest to the bone-headed Marxists who fill the pews of mega-churches and make a show of their do-gooding piety that cannot disguise their hatred of their neighbors and fellow citizens. 


1. Romans 12:13: “For by one Spirit are we all baptized into one body, whether we be Jews or Gentiles, whether we be bond or free.. 

2. Exodus 22:22, cf. 23:9, Lev 16:29Deut 10:18, 23:17, et alibi.